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How Often Should I Water My Raleigh, NC Lawn

For many homeowners, a fuller, green lawn is a symbol of pride and provides a nice place to relax or play. But maintaining a green lawn requires watering it on a regular basis. Homeowners – especially those in warmer climates like North Carolina – frequently want to know, “how often should I water my lawn?”
Learn more about how long and often you should water your lawn and different methods for effectively watering your lawn... More

Understanding the 8 Steps For Fall Seeding

The hot, dry summer weather, pest and disease damage, backyard parties, pets and children all take a significant toll on your lawn. By the end of the summer, it’s not uncommon to see lawns that look worn, thin and brown. While there’s no quick fix to achieving a beautiful, healthy lawn, you can help bring your lawn back to life with aeration and overseeding.
Aeration and  overseeding is one of the most important tasks involved in growing a healthy fescue lawn. In North Carolina, the fall provides ideal conditions for aerating and overseeding cool-season grass such as fescue.
Read on to learn more about the different ways to approach lawn care for fescue grass as well as the eight steps for fall seeding... More

A Practical Guide for Mowing Your Lawn

For many North Carolina homeowners, mowing your lawn is a weekly chore. Properly mowing your grass is one of the most important practices in keeping your lawn healthy. And while it may seem like a relatively easy task, there are many different factors to take into consideration about when and how to mow your lawn... More

Cooling Down this Raleigh, NC Summer

Stay refreshed and healthy by indulging in one or more of these deliciously green grass smoothies.... More

9 Tips for Choosing the Best Lawn Care in Raleigh, NC And Durham, NC

Your lawn needs help. And you’re ready to admit that things aren’t going to get any better (or greener) until you bring in a professional lawn care service for your Raleigh, NC home... More

Playing Music for Your Raleigh, NC Lawn & Plants

Are there any benefits to playing music for your lawn?... More

Chinch Bug Damage

NOW is the time to be on the lookout for chinch bug damage on your lawn. You should be worried if your lawn is showing these types of signs... More

Why a Taller Raleigh, NC Lawn Might Be Better

One of the most important pieces of advice Weed Man Raleigh, NC can offer homeowners is:... More

Reasons to Consider Lawn Aeration

To achieve a beautiful, healthy lawn, it’s commonly understood that you take care of it by watering, mowing and fertilizing. Another critical component – one that’s often overlooked – is ensuring that water, nutrients and oxygen can reach the root-zone of the grass. ... More

Lawn Care: TruGreen vs. Scotts?

As a homeowner, you have so many options — particularly when it comes to choosing a
Raleigh lawn care company. So why limit yourself to the Scotts Lawn Service vs. TruGreen
debate?... More

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